Healthcare and the Monotype Printmaking Workshops...

I am thrilled to be offering 3 on-site new workshops in the healthcare and hospital setting...Patients and staff visually explore through the monotype process, while allowing for happenstance...


Artwork will be supporting nature, earth and water. Transformative, the process allows for self-expression through

 one's mind, body and soul.


Joshua Harr Foundation..a Wonderful Organization

Once again I find myself supporting an organization and family that has taken a tragic loss and turned it into a POSITIVE experience not only for themselves, but especially to the other well deserving and challenged families, individuals and institutions who need continued help and support.

Grounds for Sculpture...Series of New Work in Progress

One of my great pleasures is walking the paths at Grounds for Sculpture...

Exhibit is on from October 3rd through October 28th. 

The opening will be on October 18th, Sunday from 2-4pm


Dynamic Group of Creative Women Played Degas for a Day...

The day was picture perfect, our hostess provided a beautiful backyard with a wonderful set-up to do monotype printmaking! 
We had a fantastic group of women making DIY glassware, printmaking with the Gelli plate and having wine, cheese and great fun to top it off! Look at some of the various projects and work that was completed in just a few hours!!!!

The Psychology of Art ...Ever wonder why you gravitate towards certain Paintings or Designs?

Take a look at this guide ...see if it explains why you react more FAVORABLY

When viewing artwork or design to certain predominant colors...


Find more about the Psychology behind certain colors at my pinterest site:

Thanks to for the infographic


Would you like to be part of the juried selection for Art in the Garden?

Vote from the 12 choices above for the final 5 to exhibit in Art in the Garden on June 8th in Metuchen, NJ...

Sponsor * those 5 and list your favorite charity. If sold, 10% of the sale may go to your worthy cause!

Degas for a Day/ Degas for a Night

I was so inspired with my little traveling press, I will be doing more workshops in the next few months. At the BIL, I introduced a few new friends and locals to printmaking along with other artists who were interested in finding out more about this inspiring art form!  It was a fun night filled with friends, laughter and wine...not to mention wonderful art that was created!


Aborigine Inspiration, getting back to the work!

I have now been recharged, reinvigorated and revitalized...All after a wonderful 6 country trek over in Europe! Although never long enough, I did manage to see some highlights from the past... enjoyed the museum and visited my new FAVORITE...the Quai Branley in Paris.

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