The Koi are Swimming to Capital Health in Hopewell for a wonderful exhibit...

It is a "soulful group of staff and "heart" filled group of volunteers that are involved with this wonderful hospital. I am honored to be included in this exhibit, looking forward to the opening tonight!

Concepts for 2016 Hospital Commissions

I have been working on new ideas for a few more hospital commissions...these are going to go on large 24ft walls in one the hospital's hallways. Again the request is for tranquil and natural imagery depicting the same sensibilities as the work done in 2014. Here are some of the new prints that will be submitted for approval.





Would you like to be part of the juried selection for Art in the Garden?

Vote from the 12 choices above for the final 5 to exhibit in Art in the Garden on June 8th in Metuchen, NJ...

Sponsor * those 5 and list your favorite charity. If sold, 10% of the sale may go to your worthy cause!

The easiest way to choose the RIGHT PRINT or PAINTING for your Commercial or Residential INTERIOR SPACE?...

One of the easiest ways to see how a painting or print will look is to actually SEE it in your residential or commercial space before PURCHASING!  Making the collector or client ABSOLUTELY comfortable with their artwork BEFORE they purchase is key to SUCCESS. The goal for an artist is to have a long term relationship with their collectors or galleries. This incentive helps the buyer make an EDUCATED INVESTMENT.

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