The Koi are Swimming to Capital Health in Hopewell for a wonderful exhibit...

It is a "soulful group of staff and "heart" filled group of volunteers that are involved with this wonderful hospital. I am honored to be included in this exhibit, looking forward to the opening tonight!

Grounds for Sculpture...Series of New Work in Progress

One of my great pleasures is walking the paths at Grounds for Sculpture...

Exhibit is on from October 3rd through October 28th. 

The opening will be on October 18th, Sunday from 2-4pm


Where did I get my inspiration for FIBER Vl making its way to Santa Fe?

I was so excited to connect with a very talented designer and artist named Jacqueline Butler of ArtGraze ( based in Santa Fe, New Mexico a few months ago. Not only did we have a passion for art, design and EVERYTHING visual, but we were able to align ourselves and I have now contributed to both her design and art site as well as work on a new piece based on my FIBER series.

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