Healthcare and the Monotype Printmaking Workshops...

I am thrilled to be offering 3 on-site new workshops in the healthcare and hospital setting...Patients and staff visually explore through the monotype process, while allowing for happenstance...


Artwork will be supporting nature, earth and water. Transformative, the process allows for self-expression through

 one's mind, body and soul.


Show Hangs tomorrow!

The exhibit is being put up today and the show is now extended until November 10th! Looking forward to sharing new work at the Plainsboro Library. The work is from my impressions of walking the beautiful Grounds for Sculpture during the past seasons!!!

The Psychology of Art ...Ever wonder why you gravitate towards certain Paintings or Designs?

Take a look at this guide ...see if it explains why you react more FAVORABLY

When viewing artwork or design to certain predominant colors...


Find more about the Psychology behind certain colors at my pinterest site:

Thanks to for the infographic


Compassion Fatigue...Your Journey to Renewal

We are excited...countdown to the Stella Maris workshop this Saturday, so many have now signed up!!!!There will be journaling, music and of course LOTS OF printmaking and ART!!!!

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